You are the most recent test subject (Prisoner) of R.B.R.N Labs, by some unknown reason a huge chunk of your room's roof has disappeared! And blue portals start appearing out of nowhere, and held back by a straight jacket there is not much you can do other than use your really strong legs to traverse the vast lab of R.B.R.N labs and perhaps master a new ability along the way, talked down by the company AI "R.B.R.T". Escape with everything at your disposal, you've only got yourself and so please....Help Yourself.

Help Yourself is a submission for Kindred Community Jam. It is the Dark Souls of Puzzles and Platformers with a level editor for players to create, play and share. Whenever you die, a counterpart will spawn and repeat your previous actions, inspired by the theme of the jam: "Death is a new beginning".

Feel Free to share your levels in the Community post and Have Fun! : D

Arrow keys or WASD for movement

F to Interact

Space to Jump


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Help Yourself 17 MB
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Help Yourself 18 MB